How To Fix PS3 DNS Error – 80710101 and 80710102

The DNS error 80710102 on PlayStation 3 can be very frustrating. This error can be encountered while attempting to connect to the internet or a program like Netflix on the PS3.

What Does The PS3 DNS Error Mean?

This error means that there is a connection issue with the DNS of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). You can either try contacting them or continue reading to learn how to bypass this ps3 error.

I will show you two methods you should try, I’ll call the first one the easy method as it’s pretty easy to do, if this does not fix your 80710102 error, then do it the hard way (which is also described below)

FIX 1: The Simple Method

Step 1: Turn off your PS3 console. Press and hold the power botton until the device beeps two times. That is, it beeps once while coming back on, and beeps again while going back off.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 by pressing and holding the power botton until the PS3 console beeps twice. This time, a message will be displayed on screen: “Plug your controller in using the USB to continue”

Step 3: Unplug the power cable from your PS3, also unplug any Ethernet cable you have connected.

Step 4: Also, unplug the power cable from your Router as well as the ethernet cable.

Step 5: Wait for about 10 seconds then re-connect everything back (I suggest you try a different ethernet port if there are multiple ports on your router.)

If the simple method did not work and you still experience the ps3 error 80710101 or 80710102, then the problem lies with your dns code and you should try the hard way.

FIX 2: The Hard Way

The hard way is to completely change your DNS code.

Step 1: Enter the internet connection settings from your ps3 by going to Settings> Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings.

Step 2: Choose Yes, then click Custom.

Step 3: Select whether your connection method is Wired or Wireless
=> If your internet connection is Wired, then you should set Auto Detect as the Ethernet Operation mode.
=> If your connection is Wireless, choose the Security type that your router uses, then type the password for your wireless connection.

Step 4: Other settings should be done as shown below:
=> I.P Settings: Use “Automatic”, then “Do Not Set”
DNS Settings: Select “Manual” then enter the dns codes below:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
MTU: Automatic
Proxy Server: Do Not Use
UPnP: Enable

Now save the settings by pressing X. You can test the internet connection now by pressing X again.

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