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How To Activate BlackBerry Internet Service on Cell C

Activating BIS on Cell C mobile is not a big deal, but quite a number of people do not know how.
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) enables you to use some features of your BlackBerry device which requires internet connectivity to function, e.g BBM, Web browser, Push email notifications, Instant messaging, BlackBerry App World e.t.c

1. From your BlackBerry home screen, dial *147#
2. Listen to the voice options and choose option 7
3. Listen to the various BIS plans and packages and choose the one that best suits your needs. Prices of the packages will vary of course depending on the plan you choose.
4. Follow the voice menu to pay for your plan. After payment is successful.
5. Turn off your BlackBerry phone and then back on to reset your network. Your BIS service would now be active.

Alternatively, you can call a Cell C customer service rep to activate the BIS plan for you. To do that, just dial 140 from your BlackBerry phone to call the Cell C customer center.

You can also reach Cell C at 084 155 5555

If none of the above works for you, you can request for service books by navigating to Options > Device > Advanced system settings > Host routing table. Press the menu button then choose Register now. This would register your BlackBerry device to use the BlackBerry Internet Services.

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