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How To Use BlackBerry As Modem For Tethering on PC

Would you like to use your blackberry phone as a modem on your computer? Tethering with a BB is easy. All you need is a BlackBerry phone (of course), a USB cable and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. When you have these ready, follow the guide below:

1. Navigate to your BlackBerry options: Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > TCP IP

2. Tick the box for APN Settings Enabled

3. In the APN: field below it, write

4. Press the Menu button then choose Save. Restart your connection by turning it off and back on.

5. Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manger then connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.

6. Next, you need to setup a Dial-Up connection on your computer with dial up number *99#
On Windows, click Start, then type “set up a dial-up connection”, choose the first result. On the dial-up window, type *99# as your dial-up phone number, leave username and password blank. Click connect.

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