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How To Clear The Event Log on a BlackBerry Bold & Curve

The Event log on a BlackBerry keeps record of system events like app errors, system changes and warnings. The log may be irrelevant when you first start out with your BlackBerry, but in the long run, you may need to do some trimming.

The event log doesn’t seem to have any self delete funtionality, so it just keeps piling up system events until you decide to press the clear log button. One reason to clear your event log if it has gotten incredibly long is to free up a bit of memory space. The individual entries may be just mere text but they can take up more memory space than you can imagine especially when they are in multitude.

To open up the EventLogViewer, go to your BlackBerry home screen. Hold alt, then press lglg on your keypad. This would launch the Event Log Viewer where all your BlackBerry system events are logged. You can try to scroll down to the end to get an idea of what you’re dealing with. To clear the log, press the menu button , choose Clear log, then press Delete.

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