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Diamond Bank Prep Challenge Aims To Reduce Failure Rate in Exams

Diamond bank Nigeria Plc has partnered with Nigerian mobile app GidiMo to serve Nigerians the first ever Diamond Bank National Prep Challenge. The challenge will run on the GidiMo app and will feature examination questions for both students and job hunters.

Students can practice questions designed for JAMB which contain subjects like Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, English language, Geography and Government; as well as O Level (WAEC and GCE) certification examinations which contain the same subjects in the JAMB section including Further Mathematics.

Job seekers can take professional certification exams like CIBN, CIIN, CIPM, CITN, CIS, ICAN, NIM and NIMN.

The questions featured in the app are not past questions and were apparently prepared by professional teachers as GidiMo claims. They also say that the mobile app contains more than 30,000 prep questions, so you can be sure to practice on a good range of topics on your desired subject. Access to the questions is free, no one is required to pay anything to enter the challenge or solve questions on the app.

What the actual challenge entails is that students (or other people solving the questions) will be rewarded with recharge vouchers when they score up to 1000 points on the GidiMo app, thanks to Diamond Bank. Vouchers will be awarded on a weekly basis, so if you are a whiz kid on your favourite subject, be prepared for massive airtime wealth.

Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc, with this challenge, hopes to help students prepare for exams the right way as the questions have been designed by professional and experienced teachers; if students are better prepared for these examinations, they will without doubt perform better than they would without practicing the structured questions, which will thus bring about a reduction in failure rate of these national examinations which they say is currently at 75%.

The GidiMo app by Gidi Mobile Limited is sort of a social platform for Nigerians; it has features such as GidiChat which as you may have guessed allows people to chat with other people; GidiLife which is sort of a dating platform; and of course GidiPrep which contains practice examination questions. The Diamond Bank National Challenge is hosted in the GidiPrep section. The app is available for BlackBerry OS7 (bold, curve, torch), Android and J2ME (java) enabled mobile phones.

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