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How To Fix Wii U Error Code 105

Fix for the Wii U error code 105 (Online services are unavailable)

The wii u error 105 is one of the most common errors on the wii. Most people come across this error while trying to use e-shop services like Netflix or Hulu, but in actual fact it has nothing to do with these services. This error is experienced more with trying to update the firmware of the Wii U.

Wii U Error Code 105 Fix

Fix 1: Reset Your Router
The first thing to check or the fisrt suspect in this kind of errors is your internet connection. Make sure there is nothing wrong with your internet connection by resetting your router/Modem and then reconnecting the cords.

Fix 2: Re-format Your Wii U
The wii u error code 105 may also be caused by corrupted wii u core files. Before you format your wii u device, backup your data by transfering them to an external storage device or a hard disk. A re-format should fix this problem.


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