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How To Lock iPhone Apps and Photos From Kids Without Jailbreak

Lock and protect your iPhone apps from kids or unauthorized individuals with this safe and easy trick.

Normally, the Apple iPhone iOS lets iPhone users set a passcode to lock their iPhone from other people. But, what about when someone really needs to use your iPhone and you have to unlock it for them? Yeah, that doesn’t sound too good.

Here, I will show you how to lock individual apps and photos on your iPhone web without locking the entire phone.

Lock Apps On Your iPhone Using Protect Photos

Yes. Protect Photos is the app you will need for this trick. Although it is named Protect Photos, it actually locks just about anything on your iPhone, including apps and even the iPhone camera!.

Protect Photos is FREE of charge, unlike other popular locking apps like Disable Launch and Photo Albums + which are paid iPhone apps.

How To Get Protect Photos

The Protect Photos iPhone app can be found in the sources list in Cydia at the BigBoss repository from when you first Jailbroke your iPhone.

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