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Install Plex on Apple TV Without Jailbreak Using Windows via SSH

PlexConnect is a much better way to use plex on your Apple TV, even better than the plex app which requires you to jailbreak your Apple TV.

Apple TV owners would now already be aware of the fixed loophole that allowed Apple TVs to use plex without jailbreak a while ago. The trick involved using the Trailers app to install a plex client called PlexConnect, but that loophole was fixed by an update Apple released to Apple TVs.

Nevertheless, there is a way to bring the PlexConnect hack back and it involves plugging your TV (via micro-USB cable) to a Mac computer with the Apple configurator software or the iPhone configurator utility installed. You can also use Windows for the fix; for that, you’ll need to download the Windows version of the iPhone configuration Utility from our iOS app index. When you have that ready, head over to for the detailed tutorial.

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