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Wii Error Code 51330 – How To Fix on Nintendo

The Wii error code 51330 is a common error on the Nintendo Wii gaming system. It signifies a problem with the network’s internet connection and is usually displayed like this:
Wii Error Code 51330: Unable to connect to the internet

What Exactly Causes The 51330 Wii Error?

The initiator of the error 51330 may vary within the same internet stratosphere, but usually, the case is that the WEP or WPA password key for your router was entered incorrectly. Other reasons for this error may be:

Do not worry, I will show you show to check for these problems and make sure they are configured properly so we can get rid of the Wii 51330 error completely.

How To Fix The Wii Error Code 51330

There are a bunch of fixes you should try first when troubleshooting the Wii code 51330. I will explian them in order as they appear in the causes list above.

1. Incorrect Router Password (WEP or WPA Key)

Most routers come with a default password which can be found written somewhere on the body of the router. Some people may decide to change this password, especially if the router is for personal use, but many people (usually big families) leave it as the default so other family members can find it easily.
The default router password is mostly found on a sticker on the bottom of the router. If you cannot find your router password on the body of your router, then you can access it by going into your router settings.
For Netgear router CG814GCMR (should be the same for other models), you can find your WPA/WEP key by doing the following:

2. Firewall Protection & Content Filtering

If you do not know what you are doing, don’t try to configure the Block services setting on your router as a simple mistake could block you from accessing the internet and produce the Wii error 51330. If the block setting is enabled, try disabling it to see if it fixes your problem.

3. MAC Filtering

Check your router settings for MAC Filtering / Blocking, if it is turned on, make sure the MAC address of your system is in the allowed list, otherwise disable the setting completely.

4. Router Not Responding

Another way to troubleshoot the wii error code 51330 is by doing something we call a Power Cycle. To perform a power cycle:

5. Overlapping Broadcast Channel / Address

To change your router’s broadcast channel (on Netgear), navigate to Wireless Settings (found under Setup on the left menu). Then look under the Wireless Network area to find Channel. You would notice that this is set to 6 by default, try changing it to 1 or 11.

Other Wii 51330 Error Fixes You Can Try

If none of the above fixes worked for you, you may try the following:

If these above other methods do not fix your Wii error code 51330, it is a good idea to change it back to what it used to be so things do not get complicated.

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