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Dyson’s Humidifier Kills Bacteria in Room Using UV Light


Most regular humidifiers use a wet wick to evaporate water, if you have studied biology at one time in your life, you would understand that wet surfaces breed bacteria, in fact, bacteria starts growing in a very short…

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H.Tang Classy Smartwatch For Ladies


Don’t want to look too geeky wearing a smartwatch around? I believe a reason as to why some women wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a regular smartwatch is because its look will not blend in with their other wrist…

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Nixie Wearable Flying Drone


Nixie is a flying drone that has a camera built into it. It flies around and tracks your movement and is completely controled from your smartphone. Perfect for sports individuals. The device is first worn like a wearable…

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Solar System Set Of Dinner Plates


“My Very Educated Mother…..” Ah I forget the rest. This is a set of eight light weight plates that have been designed to look like each planet in our solar system. The plates come in a set and…

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ThermalStrike BedBug Resistant Luggage Kills Insects


Travelling people are one of the biggest factors of pest migration. The cockroach for example was distributed throughout the world from its African and Asian origin mainly by vehicles of commerce and in luggage of travelers. One of…

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Eye Tracking Automatic Wheelchair Navigates With Eye Movement

Science never stops coming up with new ideas when it involves making the lives of disabled people more comfortable. You would agree that there are several inconveniences with regular wheelchairs. One being making the life of whoever has…

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Portable LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker by Mocreo


This is a bluetooth speaker, but the cool thing about it is that it is also an LED lightbulb. How cool would it be to have sound emitting from your lightbulb? The Mocreo light bulb speaker synchronizes with…

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Withings Portable Home Camera and Germ Dectector

Smart camera for the home

Ever wanted a camera installed at your home but don’t want those big-as-hell “I can see you” type cameras mostly seen in banks and supermarkets? Good news, ‘Withings Home’ portable camera is small, sleek and easily unnoticed. It…

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Leggage Laptop Case and Foot Rest / Massager


If you are human, it is very likely that you have traveled a far distance before, whether by bus or by plane. One common grievance of long-distance travelers is cramped spaces which causes numb, uncomfortable and painful feet…

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Tabi Tablet Holder For iPad / Android Tablets

Introducing TABI, the little accessory that will definitely make life easier for many tablet owners. The first time I saw a picture of TABI, I was like – “How didn’t tablet companies think of including this as an…

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