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How To Update PHP Version In XAMPP Without Re-downloading XAMPP

It’s very easy to update / upgrade your version of PHP in XAMPP without needing to re-download XAMPP again or Apache. DO NOT listen to anyone who says you have to re-download xampp for it to work. If…

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Warning: Parameter 2 to function() expected to be a reference, value given in File.php

I recently moved from shared hosting to cloud hosting servers where I had installed newer versions of most of the server software, Apache, PHP, MySQL. After I moved my websites to the new servers, I was not surprised…

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Mod_Pagespeed – How To Clear Cache For Css & Template Edits

Google Pagespeed

Google’s mod_pagespeed for Apache and Nginx can speed up your website and make it load 10 times faster. The reason for the speed boost is that the mod_pagespeed module minifies and caches everything, storing and loading them from…

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