Tabi Tablet Holder For iPad / Android Tablets

Introducing TABI, the little accessory that will definitely make life easier for many tablet owners.

The first time I saw a picture of TABI, I was like – “How didn’t tablet companies think of including this as an accessory with their devices?” It is a simple but extremely useful piece of enhancement.

There have always been inconveniences with handling tablets. For example, if you were holding the device with both hands (of course) and wanted to click on a link near the center of the screen, you would need to find support from another surface (perhaps your laps) to free up one hand to click on the link. Which would otherwise be impossible if you didn’t have really long alien-looking thumbs or at least the powers of a fantastic four member.

The Tabi tablet holder is basically a stretchable band with clips at both ends to hold the top and base of the iPad / tablet while your palm stays between the band and the back of the tablet to allow a one-handed grip.
It also has a hook attached to it in case you wanted to hang the device somewhere like in your kitchen to watch a cooking related video, or at the back of a car seat.

TABI was created by Bondi, a US based company, and they launched a kickstarter in September to fund the product. I hope it turns out well for them because the world really needs this. You can check out their website by visiting

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