How To Transfer Large Android Files and Games To SD Memory Card

Yes, you can transfer large data from your android phone to your memory card if the memory available in your phone has been exhausted or used up.

Although there is an official move to sd card feature which came with the Android 4.2.2 jelly bean version, so people using 4.2.2 and above should just look for the feature in their Android phones, this article is for the benefit of other Android users who are still on lower android versions, but do note that this guide will work no matter what version you’re on.

There are two apps I know of which you can use for this. The first one is GL To SD card, this app has a lot of configuration settings which could easily get you confused unless you know your way around it, if not then I have explained it all in this other post: How To Configure GL To SD card Settings

This article would explain file transfer using FolderMount

The way FolderMount works is that it grabs the data files of the app you want to move and automatically trannsfers them to your memory card or sd card. FolderMount requires root access to your Android device so it is important you root your device first.

How To Move Files From Android Phone To SD card Using FolderMount

Step 1: Open Google Play, then search for and install the FolderMount app.

Step 2: Open the FolderMount app and grant it root access to the phone.

Step 3: Click on the icon on the top left hand corner to open the FolderMount menu, then choose App Analyzer which will show you all the apps you have installed on your phone’s internal memory.

Step 4: Find and click on the app you would like to move to your SD card.

Step 5: Choose “Create Pair”. FolderMount will now give you an option to either chhose the new app location on your sd card or select automatic folder creation.

Step 6: Click on the check icon and then FolderMount will begin its job. You can monitor the move progress from the notification panel.

Step 7: When the transfer is finished, go back to the foldermount home screen and you will see that your app has been paired. Now you will have to “mount” the game by clicking on the white icon next to it. When it turns green, your app has been successfully mounted to the sd card.

Now you can close foldermount and start playing around with your app knowing fully well that it now runs on the sd card.

Is FolderMount Free of Charge?

Well yes for only 3 application pairs, after that, you will need to fully unlock it for only $1.99 which is pretty cheap if you ask me.

FolderMount works on all Android versions so you don’t have to worry about having an old version.

Also, remember to set FolderMount to automatic startup so that your apps remain mounted if you restart your phone.


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