Flash Share App For Tecno allows You Share Android Apps Via WiFi

If you own a Tecno android smartphone, you would have noticed that one of the default pre-installed app on it is the Flash Share, also called Xender. This app allows android mobile phone owners to transfer apps on their device to other people without using a computer or bluetooth.

All you need to do is setup a profile on the app, whoever you are sending an application to also needs to have the Flash Share app installed on their phone too. To download and setup the Flash Share / Xender app, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Flash Share / Xender app from Google Play Store. Whoever you are sending something to should have the Xender app installed as well. If you need to download Xender for other devices like Blackberry 10, iPhone, or Windows mobile, check out Flash share downloads for other devices.
  2. You and the receiver should turn on your WiFi network from your phone’s connection settings.
  3. Launch the Xender app, then choose a username and portrait (profile picture) to setup your sending profile. Your friend should also do this.
  4. Choose Connect with friends, then select Create connection.
  5. After the connection has been created, tell your receiver to choose “Connect with friend” to search for nearby connections. When they have found and clicked on your profile, they would then choose “Scan to join”.
  6. After you are both connected, you can then select the app you wish to send to your friend. You would be allowed to choose the sending method, i.e shake your phone to send, or slide to send.

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