iOS 7 Beta 4 New Features & Enhancements – Changes Made By Apple

Apple released the 4th version of the iOS 7 on Monday 29th July 2013 to developers across the world. This iOS 7 beta version, called the build 11A4435d includes plenty of new features and enhancements. Also, all the discovered bugs from the iOS 7 Beta 3 have been fixed, so now we wait to uncover more possible bugs on the iOS 7 beta 4 in preparation for the final release in September.

The new features and additions to the iOS 7 Beta 4 have been outlined below:

1. Lockscreen Change

Apple removed the up arrow and replaced it with a horizontal bar. So, now we slide sideways to the right instead of upwards.

iOS 7 beta 4 Lockscreen Changes



2. HDR Button Moved In Camera App

The HDR button has been moved to the top of the screen which makes it handy, unlike when it used to be difficult to find.

HDR button moved in Camera app iOS 7 Beta 4



3. Phone Buttons Changed

The phone buttons Call, Answer and Decline have a new look.

New Phone Buttons iOS 7 Beta 4



4. First Name and Last Name Used In Conversation Threads

You can now change the appearance of names in conversation threads. Options are: First name and Last name initial, First name initial and Last name, First name only, Last name only.

Conversation Threads iOS 7 Beta 4

5. Screenshot Detection API

People will be able to know when you screenshot their Snapchats.

Snapchat screenshot iOS 7 Beta 4



6. Cancel Button Now Visible Beside Search Box In Home Screen

Cancel button iOS 7 Beta 4 Home Screen


7. Search Box In Reminders

Search Reminders iOS Beta 4


8. Notification For “Completed Uploads” In Notification Center

Completed Uploads Notification iOS 7 Beta 4


9. Swipe To Switch Notification Center Panels

We used to click on each panel to select it, but we can now swipe through them.

Swipe notification iOS 7beta 4


10. Shuffle and Download All Songs Returns To Music App

Music App iOS 7 Beta 4


11. New Suggestions For The Siri Assistant

New Siri Suggestions iPhone iOS 7 Beta 4

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