Vodacom Data Bundles For Prepaid Once Off Plans

Vodacom Mobile offers a range of data bundles for once off internet subscription. These bundles (once-off) are ideal if you are subscribing to the Vodacom data plans for the first time, or if you just need a one time plan to carry out a certain task on the internet. Note that Once-off bundles are different from Month-to-Month data bundles which are recurrent.

The standard once off data plans for Vodacom are listed below.

Bundle Name* Data Allowance (MB) Price Duration Subscription Code (SMS)**
MyMeg 10 10 R9 30 Days SMS “MyMeg 10” to 100
MyMeg 30 30 R25 30 Days SMS “MyMeg 30” to 100
MyMeg 100 100 R49 30 Days SMS “MyMeg 100” to 100
MyMeg 250 250 R99 30 Days SMS “MyMeg 250” to 100
MyMeg 500 500 R159 30 Days SMS “MyMeg 500” to 100
MyGig 1 1024 R279 30 Days SMS “MyGig 1” to 100
MyGig 2 2048 R369 30 Days SMS “MyGig 2” to 100
MyGig 3 3072 R499 30 Days SMS “MyGig 3” to 100
MyGig 5 5120 R829 30 Days SMS “MyGig 5” to 100
MyGig 10 10240 R1 629 30 Days SMS “MyGig 10” to 100
MyGig 20 20480 R3 199 30 Days SMS “MyGig 20” to 100

* Please note that these once off plans include free HSPA+, HSUPA and LTE.
** SMS to 100 is free. Other methods of subscribing to Vodacom data plans include logging in to your MyVodacom account, downloading the Vodacom mobile app, and dialing *111# from your Vodacom line.

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