Vodacom Everyday Extra Offers Discounted Call Rates

Enjoy cheap tariffs on Vodacom to Vodacom calls when you recharge R12 or more on Vodacom Everyday Extra. “The more you recharge, the bigger the minutes bundle.” says Vodacom.

[wonda]How does it work?[/wonda]

When you Top-up your account with R12 or more, you get access to a tarriff which is a lot cheaper than the regular call rates. Upon activation, the cost of the bundle will be deducted from your account and the talk time (minutes) will become available for use.

For example: If you recharge with R12, you get 60 minutes of talk time to Vodacom lines for only R5. The 60 minutes of talk time will be active for 2 days. Also, you will have access to activate the bundle until midnight the day after your recharge.

See the list of recharge amounts and their corresponding talk time bundles below.
See also the Terms and Conditions for the Everyday Extra offers on the Vodacom website.

Customer Recharge Amount Talk Time offered (minutes) Bundle Duration Bundle Price
From R12 to R28.99 60 mins 2 days R5
From R29 to R54.99 150 mins 5 days R9
From R55 to R109 300 mins 10 days R15
R110 and above 600 mins 14 days R25

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