11 VoIP BlackBerry Apps and Services For Free Calls

Image credit: crackberry.com

Image credit: crackberry.com

Make free calls using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for blackberry. If you own a blackberry phone and would like to make free or cheap calls, here are a few services that will allow you make free calls with your blackberry phone both locally and internationally.

1. Google Voice:

The Google voice mobile app allows you to make calls and send sms directly with your mobile phone using your Google voice number. The app allows users access to voicemail and will also be integrated with the phonebook on the device.

Pros (Advantages)

    Voice to text voicemail
    Free calls to the US
    Communication through one unique phone number
    Record incoming calls

Cons (Disadvantages):

    Available for US residents only.
    You cannot use your regular phone number
    Outgoing calls cannot be recorded

To start using Google Voice, visit www.google.com/voice You may need a PC to set up an account

2. Viber:

Everyone loves viber. Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging VoIP service which is available on almost all platforms and devices. Viber allows its over 200 million users worldwide to send messages, photos and make free calls over 3G and Wi-Fi. You get to use your regular phone number and contact list. Viber is available for BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Series 40, Linux, Mac OS, Micosoft Windows and even the Samsung Bada OS.


    Local and International calls
    Media sharing (photos, videos, voice messages)
    HD voice quality


    Many users on BlackBerry App World report that calls only connect via Wi-Fi and not 3G

Viber is available on the BlackBerry App World, Google Play store, iTunes App Store

3. TringMe

TringMe is a complete VoIP service that allows Blackberry owners to make free phone calls over 3G or Wi-Fi. The beauty of this app is that it operates within your local network and you get to use your regular phone number to make calls and send texts. TringMe was the first VoIP service to release an app for BlackBerry.


    Good voice quality, using the codecs G.711, G.729, Speex
    Has API for developers to build their own apps.
    Can be used in Facebook via a widget


    Does not have too many features
    Works on a limited number of phones.

For a guide on how to use and download TringMe, Free Voice Calls On BlackBerry With TringMe

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