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The 30702 BlackBerry Error is shown as: “There is an issue with the current session, please login to continue. (Error ID: 30702)”
You may encounter this error while surfing App World.

There are two ways of fixing this error. If the first does not work for you, try the other.

Fix 1:

From BlackBerry App World (when the error crops up), go to My Account > Payment Options. When asked to login, provide your login details and proceed. After successful login, return to App World. That should fix the error. The idea is to regenerate a fresh session for your account to continue browsing through App World.

Fix 2:

Thanks to MrA of for this second method.
1. Turn off your BlackBerry then take out the battery and SIM.
2. Put the battery back in (without sim), then turn on the device.
3. Provide login details when required. It should deny access by saying your ID is incorrect. Ok, moving along.
4. Turn off your BlackBerry a second time and then take out the battery.
5. Put the SIM and battery back in, then turn the phone back on.
6. Navigate to Options > Device > BlackBerry ID. Type in your correct email and password, press the menu key and choose Save.

Was your 30702 error fixed? Let me know by posting a comment.

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