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Developers in Nigeria and Egypt Can Now Submit PAID Apps to Google Play Store

Google now allows android developers in 9 new countries to submit paid apps to the Google Play Store and charge money for them.

Before today, developers in these 9 new countries (and other countries not supported) could only upload free apps to the Google Play Store; android users in these countries could also pay for apps developed by people from other countries. Also, developers all over the world can publish free apps to the Play Store without charging money for them; publishing paid apps is a service Google only supports to 54 countries at the moment, including the 9 countries added today. The new countries to enjoy this service are:

  • Egypt (Egyptian Pound)
  • Nigeria (US Dollars)
  • Belarus (US Dollars)
  • Chile (Chilean Pesos)
  • Colombia (Colombian Pesos)
  • Costa Rica (Colón)
  • Kazakhstan (US Dollars)
  • Kuwait (US Dollars)
  • United Arab Emirates (Dirham)

This is good news for developers in these countries especially Nigeria and Egypt, considering that the Android user base is at an all time high, providing a nice platform for extra income developers in both African countries.

It can be recalled that just last month, Google added 8 countries its paid apps publishers list including: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Vietnam.

If you reside in one of these countries and would like to sign up for the fun, visit the developer console to register a merchant account for $25 or the same amount in your local currency.

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