Best Event Planning Apps For iPhone & iPad

Event planning apps are apps that help people organize parties or gatherings for special occasions. Planning an event can be real hard work and stress, sometimes you cannot help but wonder how the professionals do it so effortlessly. Thanks to mobile apps, you can now plan events and organize parties with your ipad, iphone or tablet. Some of these recommended apps make use of table layout maps which should fine tune you into becoming an event planner professional in no time. They could also be used in combination to give you a wider array of options.

In no particular order, the apps are:

  1. Evernote: Sometimes you may find yourself stacking up piles and piles of sticky notes writing down ideas and memos while planning for an event. Evernote will keep your notes organized and stored in the cloud. Evernote for iOS also comes with a voice memo capability, letting you record audio memos for later use.
    With Evernote, you can share your notes and voice recordings nd even tag people on them. Evernote is free.
  2. Simply To Impress: Simply to impress does what it says; impress your guests by printing super professional looking invitation cards. Select from a list of pre-included templates, add your photos and text and then you’re ready to dazzle your guests. Smply To Impress also comes with printable envelopes to match the cards. Perhaps sounds better than just sending out emails? Simply To Impress iOS app is free.
  3. White and Yellow Pages: As the name implies, this app is simply a large directory of event locations, halls and DJs. It displays local listings on a map relative to where you reside. You can search through the listings easily and discover services and event locations that would be perfect for your event. White and Yellow Pages for iOS is free.
  4. Pro Party Planner: Pro Party Planner helps you stay organised by allowing you keep track of assigned duties and your event timeline as well so you know what comes up next and at what time. On this app, you can assign tasks to different groups of people, like who will do the dishes, who does this and who does that.
    Pro Party Planner also help you stick to your budget and keep track of your shopping list, among other features. The interface of this app is beautiful and professional looking. Pro Party Planner costs $4.99 on the App Store.
  5. My Banquet: This app is more like an assistant. It helps you organize your guests and plan your seats and table layout. You can assign seats to people and point out who is MIA. In addition, My Banquet can send reports of your event plans to other people via email so you can work together as a group. My Banquet for iPad and iPhone costs $4.99 on the app store.
  6. Mr Bartender (Mixed Drink, Bartending and Cocktail Recipes): With this app, you can become bartender in seconds. Imagine a scenario where a guest requests for a drink you have never heard before (which is probably a name given to the mixture of two common drinks which you have), and then you go “Oh sorry we don’t have that, would you like something else?”. That won’t happen when you’ve got Mr Bartender in the palm of your hand.
    Mr Bartender is simply a database of drinks and bar recipes. There is also a section where you’ll find drinks and cocktail recipes submitted by other people. If you do not have many drinks stocked up in your bar, the kitchen feature on this app show you a list of drinks you can make right from your kitchen. The instructions are straight forward and comes with photos as well. Mr Bartender is free on the iPad and iPhone.
  7. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping Lists: This app is a database of tens of thousands of food recipes. Looking for a special treat to surprise your guests with? Get Epicurious and start browsing through the recipes and shopping lists. Who knows, perhaps this app would help you save the money you intend to use to hire a professonal chef. Epicurious Recipes is free for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store.
  8. Get Limo: Looking for a limo for your party or event? Get Limo helps you locate limo providers near you and also displays their phone numbers so it’s easy for you to make a reservation. The Get Limo app is free on both the iPhone and iPad.

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