Fix: Android Marshmallow Do Not Disturb Wont Turn Off

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

A number of android users who updated their phones to Android 6.0 Marshmallow have complained that a bug has changed the behaviour of their automatic do not disturb settings or has prevented it to turn off completely.

In most cases, this problem occurs when your phone goes off or restarts while ‘Do Not Disturb’ is active or has a timer running in automatic rules. When your phone goes off while the do not disturb timer is still running

Someone recently brought his phone to me and asked me to help fix this problem. At first, I thought a virus might be causing it, until I checked the version of Android running on the phone.

Even though a simple device restart helped fix this guy’s problem, it unfortunately didn’t work for some others. Depending on how you use the do not disturb feature, a different approach might work for you. Check them out.

Restart Your Phone

Hold the power button to turn off your android phone. Leave it turned off for 10 minutes, then turn it back on. It has worked for some, and It might work for you too and help disable do not disturb on Android Marshmallow.

Volume Down

Keep pressing the volume down button until it goes into silent mode. When you turn the volume back up, it should pop up a request asking if you would like to end do not disturb mode.

Priority Only

Navigate to Settings > Sound & Notification > Priority Only Allows. Change ‘Calls’ from None to Anyone. Now turn your volume up once, if you get a notification to end do not disturb, confirm and choose end now. If not, turn your volume all the way down to silent, then turn it back up. Now try calling your number from a another phone to see if the problem is fixed.

Custom Rule Countdown

Here, you are going to set a timer to turn off do not disturb automatically.
Go to Settings > Sound and Notification > Do Not Disturb > Automatic Rules. Create a new rule, set it to expire in 15 minutes (to make it quicker, set it to start 10 minutes in the past and end 5 minutes later. Or 13 minutes in the past and 2 minutes later, however you want). When it’s running, allow the phone go into sleep mode. Do not disturb would be turned off when the timer runs out.

Factory Reset

A factory reset always works, but it should be your last resort if all else fails.

Did my recommendations work for you? Please let me know which fix did it for you by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

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  1. Navigating to sounds and notification in settings and the Do Not Disturb with hard press showed that there was an internal scheduled time for the do not disturb that I was not aware of so I did shut it off and anticipate that that will work!. Thanks for the help!

  2. I tried all of the above including a factory reset. I almost bricked my phone with the factory reset to Android 6. I had to side-load the OS to unbrick my phone.

    I miss important calls all the time because do not disturb mode keeps activating itself despite my repeated attempts to prevent it. I even tried creating an NFC tag rule to shut off do not disturb mode every time I put my phone on my desk (which is where I always keep it) along with an ITTT rule that always turns off do not disturb mode whenever I am away from home. both triggers work temporarily, but if I leave my phone on my desk too long, or if I’m away from home too long, the phone, despite my best attempts to prevent it, always puts itself back into do not disturb mode, which continues to cause me to miss important calls. My daughter recently had an emergency and couldn’t reach me for several hours. This is a safety issue for me. I’ve been pleading for Google to make it possible to permanently disable do not disturb mode, but no method prevents the phone from randomly re-enabling it.

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