Netflix Error 1012 on iPhone, iPad & Android – How To Fix

The error 1012 on Netflix is a very common Netflix error caused by a problem with your network connection. On very rare occasions, the 1012 error could be caused by a problem with the Netflix server itself, in which case waiting would be your only option. But if you know other people who aren’t having any problems with Netflix, then you should focus your on troubleshooting the other interfaces of your network connection.

Possible Causes Of The Netflix Error 1012

When it comes to internet data transfer, some types of transfer requires much more data than others. For example, if you live in a weak network coverage area, you would be able to visit web pages quite alright with your browser but you may not be able to stream videos from Youtube or Netflix or any other video streaming service. Using the illustration above as a guide, let us look at some of the things that could invoke the error 1012 on your Netflix app.

  1. If you are using Netflix for the first time, you may have keyed in wrong login details on the Netflix app.
  2. If you are connecting via a WiFi router, you may have strayed too far and walked out of signal range. Check the network level on your phone. If you are connecting with direct mobile data, you may be at a low network area. Try to recall if you recently moved to a new location or if you have ever streamed successfully from that same spot. If not, try to move. See fixes below for more details.
  3. Did you currently move your router’s position? If not, you should check if some kid is currently playing with it.
  4. It may just be that your ISP is having a bad day.
  5. Netflix server could be offline. Very rare but certainly not impossible.

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