Pokemon Go Failed To Get Player Information From The Server – Solution

How to fix the Failed to get player information from the server error for iOS (iPhone, iPad), and Android.

Pokemon Go by Niantic Labs is sort of the most successful mobile game right now. Everyone plays it, young and old. This is a huge feat considering that the game has only been launched in a few countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New zealand.

Due to the large number of players, Pokemon Go does not rely on only one server to function, but multiple servers which are strategically located at specific places around the world for load balancing. It is not unusual for one of these servers to experience a hiccup once in a while when they get overloaded, which is a possible reason for the “Failed to get player informatin from the server” problem on Pokemon Go for Android or iPhone. I also think this problem might be account related, which I have explained in the last fix on this list.

The manner in which this error is encountered is that the loading bar only loads about one quarter (1/4) of the way and then displays one of these error messages:

Failed to get player information from the server. Retry.


Our Servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the issue. Please try again soon.

Now there are many proven ways to fix this error which has worked for most people but not everyone. So to save your time, I have arranged the fixes in order of efficiency. This means that the solution with the highest success rate appears first, and then the others go on in descending order like that, but be sure to try each one until one works for you.

Ironically, the last fix on the list is the one with the highest success rate, but I have intentionally put it last because it’s only a work around to playing the game and not a real fix.

Before You Begin, Clear Cache!

Before you begin any of this, you have to clear the cache for Pokemon Go. If you don’t, none of these solutions will work. When apps and games crash, they usually result to bad cache files which might prevent the app from working properly on next load. First close the game if it is open, then follow the procedure depending on your platform.

  • On iOS (iPhone & iPad), go to Settings > Privacy > Location services. Then turn Pokemon Go off, wait for 5 seconds the turn it back on.
  • On Android, go to Settings > Apps (Applicaton Manager) > Pokemon Go. Click Force stop,  then Clear cache.

Fix 1: Airplane Mode

This simple trick would get your Pokemon Go app working again. It has worked for many and should work in your case.

  1. First, close the game and clear the cache as explained above.
  2. Turn on Airplane mode (or Flight mode). This would deactivate all connectivity. On iOS, you can find Airplane mode from settings. On Android, slide down the top bar to find the Flight Mode icon (on Kitkat, tap the square on the top right to see more icons). If you don’t find it, just go to settings and under “Connections”, click Flight mode then turn it on.
  3. Open up Pokemon Go. On the loading screen, wait for the red sign that says No Internet Connectivity.
  4. WITH THE APP STILL OPEN, turn off Airplane / Flight mode. The loading bar would then fill up and take you straight to the game. Make sure the game is still on before turning off Flight mode because closing the app and reopening it won’t work. This is more efficient if the button is just a toggle away from the top bezel. If airplane mode isn’t easy to reach, use Wifi / Mobile Data instead. This time the flow would be: Turn off internet > Open game and wait for sign > Turn on internet.

If you require any help with this, let me know in the comments.

Fix 2: Update Pokemon Go

Quite a number of crashes are reportedly due to an outdated app, but you might not be aware of an update until you visit your Appstore or Play store. Check if an update has been released then update the app.

Fix 3: Launch Via App store (iPhone / iPad)

This fix concerns iOS users only. The trick here is to open the game from the Apple app store. Make sure to close the app first of it is open, then go into app store and open Pokemon Go from there. If this doesn’t work the first time, try it twice or three times.

Fix 4: Reinstall Pokemon Go

This one is a no-brainer. Delete / uninstall the game, then go into app store / Play store to reinstall Pokemon Go. Reinstalling the game will not affect your game progress as your game data is saved with your Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account depending on how you log in.

Fix 5: Crash On Accept Terms Page

If Pokemon Go crashes on the “Accept Terms & Conditions” screen, you can fix it by completing your sign up from another phone. Look for a friend on whose phone the game works perfectly, sign in to your own account from their phone, accept the terms and finish the sign up to start the game. Now log out and say thanks to your friend. Hopefully, when you log in using your phone, you would be able to play the game without any crashing.

Fix 6: Set Correct Date and Time

Some people have reportedly been changing the time and date on their phones in order to get the incense in Pokemon Go to last longer. Doing this will trigger this error and you can fix it by setting the date and time on your phone to the correct values or preferrably “Automatic” before opening the game.

Fix 7: Revoke Permissions

This fix does not concern people who sign in with Pokemon Trainer Club ID. Only Google.

  • Using your phone or computer, go to myaccount.google.com
  • Sign in to the same account you use Pokemon Go with . You should see your Google account front page.
  • Look under Sign-in & Security, click on Connected Apps & Sites.
  • On the new page, click Manage Apps, which you will find in the “Connected Apps and Sites” section.
  • Scroll down to Pokemon Go, click on it, click “Remove”, then “OK”.
  • Go back and restart the game. Proceed with the log in and enjoy an error-free Pokemon hunt.

Fix 8: Create A New Account

This solution has the most success rate, in fact it is definitely going to work (unless you are trying to use an old unsupported device) but I intentionally put it last because it isn’t a real fix as you would have to start the game from the beginning since there is no way to transfer game data from one account to another. This might be a pain especially if your progress is very deep into the game.

There are two ways to sign in to Pokemon Go. You can either use a Google account or a Pokemon Trainer Club account. The deal here is to create a new account (I recommend that you try the other account type). For example, if you get the error with a Google account, try signing up a new Pokemon Trainer Club account and vice versa. This should work.
If you do not see the sign in screen or get an option to log out, delete and reinstall the game.

That’s the end of the article. If any of these worked for you please take a few seconds to say thanks in the comments. Also, I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel as I post walkthrough videos there once in a while. Thanks.

Bonus Fix: Nothing Is Working, What To Do?

If everyone else in your neighborhood or city can get into Pokemon Go except you, perhaps it’s time to look inwardly. Ask yourself these few questions:

  1. What Is Life?: Life is beautiful but short. Life is full of real adventure with real sceneries and creatures. Would I rather punch my neighbor in the face out of frustration or take a stroll along the beautiful park down the road?

  2. Have I Offended Someone Lately?: Take a moment to recall. Try to remember if you’ve fallen out with someone recently. Pay them a visit and apologize, who knows, your Pokemon Go might work again.
  3. What Am I Doing With My Life?: If you cannot get Pokemon Go to work, what can you do that would be actually productive, and would positively impact the people around you? Feed a homeless guy, help an old lady, give a dog a bone, donate to charity. Doing these would make you a happier person.

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