How To Fix PS3 Error Code 80710b23 on PlayStation 3

This article provides the solution for the error 80710b23 on ps3.

The PlayStation 3 may be just a gaming console which provides entertainment to all categories of people, but just like on all other electronic devices, you are very likely to run into errors on the PlayStation 3. One of them is the PS3 Error 80710b23.

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What Does PS3 Error 80710b23 Mean?

The 80710b23 error means that there is an issue with the internet connection on your PS3. There are two reasons why this may happen:
1. The PlayStation 3 network/server is too busy or down for the moment
If this is the problem, your only choice here is to either keep trying or come back later when the server may be more responsive.
2. There is a problem with internet connection from your ISP
IF this happens you may try this PS3 DNS Fix

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