How To Use Multiple Twitter Accounts on BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS

It is possible to use more than one twitter account on BlackBerry OS 10.
The OS 10 requires that you have one primary twitter account which will be integrated to your BlackBerry Hub, then for all other secondary accounts you create, you have to be logged in to see your twitter timeline and mentions.
You really won’t miss updates from those other accounts as you can set up emails on your twitter account where twitter will email you updates from mentions and direct messages. Then if you hve those emails set up on your smartphone’s push email, the job is done.

Now, to set up multiple twitter accounts on BlackBerry 10, follow the procedure below:

  • Launch the Twitter app
  • Pull the drop down menu then navigate to Settings
  • Click Manage Accounts
  • Click Add Secondary account
  • Enter the username and password of the account you wish to add
  • That’s all. To switch from one twitter account to another, just pull down the drop down menu, click on settings, and then select the account you wish to use.

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