How To Add New BBM Contacts on BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

The most common way, perhaps the easiest way to add a contact on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)is by using the PIN. A BBM PIN is an 8 character code consisting of numbers and letters (between A and F) which you can use to add the holder of that PIN or device as a BBM contact.

Note though that a BBM PIN is not attached to the user but to the device it runs on (BlackBerry / Android / iPhone). This means that if you lose your smartphone, your pin will be lost as well. Getting a new device means you will get a new BBM PIN, though if you saved a backup of your old device either via BlackBerry Protect or on your PC, you can transfer your existing contacts to your new device.

Okay, enough of the introduction, on to the main article.

If you just got a new BlackBerry phone, your closest friends may start sending you their PINS so you can add them to your contacts list. It may be a little bit tricky at first to find the function for adding contacts, especially new BlackBerry users who may be expecting to see a big green button with “Add New Contact” written on it.

How To Add BBM Contacts on BlackBerry OS10

Actually, there are three ways to add a new contact on BBM, the most common (and easier) means being by typing out their PIN.

1. Adding a BBM Contact With PIN or Email Address

– In the BBM window, tap the “three dots” menu icon.
– Choose Invite to BBM
– In the box which says “To”, type out the person’s PIN or Email address.
– If you want to, you can edit the message the contact would see when they receive the request. Also, select the category the contact will be added to (If you have multiple category other than the default “Contacts” category). Don’t worry, you can move them to another group later if you change your mind.
– Click send.

Alright, now you have sent the request, but whoever you sent the request to needs to approve it before you become BBM buddies, otherwise they will remain in your “Pending” list awaiting approval.

I’m not sure if this is important but here goes anyway – When your intended buddy receives the request, they are shown three options: Accept, Reject, and Ignore.
The “Accept” option is self explanatory. The “Reject” option will cancel the request and then BBM will notify you about the rejection and delete the request from your pending list. Lastly, the “Ignore” option will cancel the request BUT won’t notify you about the refusal, in this case, the request remains in your pending list till eternity or till you decide to cancel it.
They also get a check box to choose whether they would like to block the sender from sending further requests.

How To Add a BBM Contact By Scanning a Barcode

1. From the BBM window, swipe down from the top bar
2. Choose scan to invite
3. Now move your camera to focus on the other persons barcode. (They may have sent you their barcode via email or via other means)
4. After your device has scanned and authorized the barcode, the contact would be added to your list.

Add a Contact via NFC (Near Field Communication)

Most BlackBerry phones have the NFC feature in them which works very similar to the Bluetooth. For this method, you’ll have to be in the same room with the other person, and they must have NFC turned on.
1. Tap the three dots menu button from your BBM screen.
2. Choose Tap to Invite
3. Make sure the other persons device has NFC turned on.
4. Align the back of both devices until you feel your phone vibrate. They will be added to your contact list afterwards.

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