Google Plus App For Blackberry With App For Google+

For sometime now, I have been searching for a way to easily access my Google Plus account from my Blackberry smartphone. All the ‘apps’ I ended up with were mere bookmarks pointing to the browser which would then lead you to the actual Google plus website, ha, like I was too lazy to type in on my browser’s address bar.

Well, the good news is that I found a real blackberry app that lets you access your Google plus account, it’s called App For Google+. It’s free and available on the Blackberry app world repo.

The google plus app for blackberry, whose main screen is pictured above can allow you use the basic functions of Google Plus like:

1. View and edit your Google+ profile
2. View your photos and photos from people in your circles
3. Upload photos to your stream
4. View and post to your stream
5. Add, edit and remove circles and people.

App for Google+ supports blackberry devices running OS 5 and above. Note that this app does not include the Google+ Messenger.

Have you used this app, did you like it?

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