Windows 10 Error Code 80240020 Update Installation Failed

The Windows 10 installation failure error code 80240020 is seen as a notification in the Windows update wndow or as a logged entry under Windows update history. This error code may show up as 80240020 or WindowsUpdate_C1900208 or even WindowsUpdate_dt000. I am going to show you how to fix this problem and proceed to the world of Windows 10.

Error: Windows 10 Home / Failed

Error: Something Happened

Whether you are among the category of people who desperately needs to install windows 10, or the unfortunate category who left their Windows Update settings as “download and install automatically” and allowed their computer to upgrade without their permission in their absense, your worries would be over before you finish reading this article.

I have compiled all the fixes for the 80240020 error that have worked for other people and will most likely work for anyone. I have arranged them from easiest to most technical so that you can get Windows 10 up and running without too much hassle.

Fix: Download Windows 10 Manually

Instead of traditionally allowing the Windows Update feature to do it for you, try downloading windows 10 from here. This way you will be able to download the software completely without running into the error 80240020 that seems to be tied to the Windows Update feature.

Fix: Redownload Workaround

This fix is based on the assumption that the download had started and failed midway through completion.

  1. Navigate to the folder “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download”
  2. Delete the contents of the Download folder, NOT the folder itself.
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. Turn off your Antivirus protection.
  5. Launch Command Prompt as Administrator (right click, then choose ‘run as administrator’). Type the following command:
    wuauclt.exe /updatenow
    Hit enter.

  6. Re-open the Windows Update screen by going to Control Panel > Windows Update, then restart the download if it hasn’t started automatically.

This workaround worked for a handful of people, but it reportedly didn’t work for more people than those it worked for.

Fix: Upgrade From Windows Seven

What else is left to say?

A lot of Windows 7 users did not have trouble updating to Windows 10, most of the complaints are coming from Windows 8.1 users.
So, if you have another machine running Windows 7, try to see if the update is going to download successfuly on there before downgrading your current computer to Win7.

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