Call of Duty Ghosts: Error Code 16384 – How To Fix

The call of duty: ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates. Error code 16384

If you have been getting the error code 16384 while playing CoD Ghosts on your Xbox 360, you are not alone. A friend of mine started getting this repeatedly and while we were troubleshooting and looking for answers, we stumbled on a pretty simple solution.

Follow the procedure to find out how we cleared the error code 16384 on call of duty ghosts. Note that this guide requires your Xbox 360 console to be connected to the internet.

1. Under the Settings tab, choose System Settings. If asked to exit the game, choose yes.

2.Select Storage Devices, then navigate to Hard drive > Games and Apps > Call of Duty: Ghosts

3. Find a file named “Call of Duty: Ghosts Title Update” (size is about 106 MB). Delete the file.

4. After the file has been deleted, exit the settings area completely, then relaunch the Call of Duty: Ghosts game. The game will require you to install a new update to replace the deleted file.

5. After the update has completed successfully, the error 16384 would be gone and you would now be able to login to the xBox Live and onto the multiplayer Call of Duty: Ghost server.

If for some reason, this doesn’t fix your problem, try doing the following:

– Restart your xbox 360 console completely.
– Connect to another internet souce or switch to wireless internet connection.

If this helped fix your CoD error code 16384, please leave a comment to say thanks.

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