Monthly Archive: April 2014

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Vodacom Launches G-connect WiFi Bundles in South Africa

Good news for Wi-Fi lovers. Vodacom has opened up several WiFi hotspots across the country for public use. These hotspots are located in various public locations like pubs, restaurants, parks and cafes. [wonda]Great, now...

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Vodacom Everyday Extra Offers Discounted Call Rates

Enjoy cheap tariffs on Vodacom to Vodacom calls when you recharge R12 or more on Vodacom Everyday Extra. “The more you recharge, the bigger the minutes bundle.” says Vodacom. [wonda]How does it work?[/wonda] When...

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Vodacom Data Bundles For Prepaid Once Off Plans

Vodacom Mobile offers a range of data bundles for once off internet subscription. These bundles (once-off) are ideal if you are subscribing to the Vodacom data plans for the first time, or if you...