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2go Mobile Chat is a social network application popular in India and Africa. You can meet new friends and catch up with old ones on the 2go mobile chat. To download 2go, all you need to do is follow the instructions outlined in this article:

You can as well read on to know all about 2go and its features.

If you stumbled into this post, you are probably looking for how to download 2go on your mobile phone so you can start making new friends and perhaps strike a relationship with someone.
In this guide you would learn how to download 2go latest version, download 2go on pc, download 2go mobile chat on laptop and most mobile devices. e.t.c

You must have heard the word a lot of times, 2go this, 2go that. Your friends must have mentioned to you how interesting and fun 2go is. Then the first question that enters your mind is “How do i download 2go?” Well, I am going to do an introduction on this wonderful 2go mobile chat application here and also provide download links with which you can use to download 2go.

2go mobile chat is a java application for mobile phone devices which enables you to chat with people from all over the world and bring you closer to the people in your area or school.

On the 2go app, you can upload a profile picture which your friends will see while chatting with you. 2go also houses a lot of other interesting features like status updates, 2go credits, 2go stars, 2go themes, facebook chat, Mxit chat, 2go rooms, 2go games e.t.c.

As a newbie, the first time you login to 2go, you would notice that your friends list would be empty. So, to get your first set of friends, just click on Add friends from the menu and add everyone from your contacts. If they have registered on 2go, they will appear on your friends list.

Another way to add new friends on 2go is by going to the 2go rooms area. Once you enter a 2go room, just click on Menu, then click on List Users. This would show you everyone in that room and you can then go ahead to add them as your friend. If they accept, they would appear on your friends list, but if they reject your request, they would not appear on your friends list. If it is someone you really want to be friends with, you may try sending them another request, hopefully, they rejected the last one mistakenly.

When you have gotten new friends on the 2go chat app, your online friends will be displayed and you can engage in a one-on-one chat with them or create a group chat in which you would select a few number of friends to engage in a conference discussion. You can also use smileys and coloured text to express your emotions, so as to make your chat experience a bit realistic.

That’s not all, you can send pictures directly to a friend without your other 2go friends seeing it. This picture can either be uploaded from your phone or taken with your camera in real-time.

2go chat rooms are fun to use. There are many chat rooms to chat in. There’s even a chat room for your school!
2go chat rooms are grouped in categories, you can either select Universities to find the room for your school or select Places and search for the room for your hometown.
In 2go chat rooms, you can see all the people in a room and add them as friends if you wish.

Room Sections
Each 2go chat room has sections. For example, if you enter the Lagos room, you would be sent to either Lagos 1, Lagos 2, Lagos 3 or Lagos 7… e.t.c depending on how many people are in the Lagos room.

If you do not like the section you are in, you can exit the room and re-enter, you would most likely be sent to another section of the room.

Each 2go user is graded using 2go stars. For instance, a person who just signed up on 2go would have the Novice star and he or she must fill up the Novice bar before they are promoted to the next level.

2go credits is what 2go users use for chatting in 2go rooms, sending friend requests, buying themes and other things. You would be given free 2go credits when you first register, but when it gets exhausted you must buy more credits to continue chatting in rooms and adding friends.
However, 2go credits does not affect your 2go friends as you can chat with them without credits.

So, would you rather miss all these wonderful features? Why don’t you download 2go today and start meeting new and interesting people.

2go Download Links
To download 2go, read this step-by-step guide:
2go Sign Up and Registration For Mobile Phones – New Method
2go Registration and Download For Mobile Phones

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