Fix PS3 Netflix Error aip-703 on Playstation 3, LG Smart TV, Samsung

You are currently viewing how to fix the aip-703 error on PS3, LG smart tv and other TV devices.

What Causes The Netflix aip-703 Error?

The aip-703 error, among other error messages like the Netflix error aip-701 is caused by a recent update to the Netflix app. These errors are often fixed by either updating the Netflix program on the device or resetting the app completely, but in some other cases, these methods do not work. I will provide two methods of fixing this error aip-703.

Method 1: Resetting Netflix

1. Launch the Netflix app on your PS3 or TV, then press the following buttons quickly using either your PS3 control pad or your TV remote control:
2. Choose Deactivate from the screen that displays.
3. Exit the Netflix application, then turn off your PS3 or TV.
4. From the PC you use Netflix with, visit
5. Click on your account which is at the upper right hand corner, then choose sign out of all devices.
6. After signing out from Netflix, put on your PS3 console (or TV), then re-open the Netflix app.
7. Once again, sign into Netflix and try playing a video.


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