How To Delete iCloud Backup Data and Apps

This guide will help you manage your iCloud storage space and delete unwanted apps and backups from iCloud. It is important to remove irrelevant/old backup data and information from your iCloud storage space if you are concious of memory space and if you already have a recent backup. This guide will also help you reduce the size of iCloud backups so they can all fit into the 5GB space since Apple only provides that much for iCloud storage.

Check Your iCloud Backups

First, you need to understand how your iOS data is being backed up and what iOS devices are being backed up. To do this, follow the steps below:
1. Click on Settings from your iPhone / iPad menu

2. Choose iCloud, then Storage & Backup

3. Choose Manage Storage.

4. In the Backups section, study the list of iOS devices iCloud is backing up for you and the amount of space they are taking up. Decide which ones are more important and then remove any device you do not wish to backup anymore.

Delete Old iCloud Backups and iOS Device Information

You can remove a backup entirely from iCloud. Just navigate to the Storage and Backups area as before. That is:
1. From your iOS Settings menu, click on ICloud, click on Storage and Backup, click on Manage storage.

2. Tap on the iOS device whose backup you would like to delete.

3. Click Turn Off & Delete.

Please not that once an iCloud backup is deleted, it cannot be restored. But you can reactivate backup for that device which would save the current state of the device.

Remove / Delete Specific Apps and Items From iCloud Backup

You can trim down the size of your iCloud backup by removing unwanted or irrelevant apps and services from the backup and prevent them from being included in future backups. To do this, follow the procedure below:
1. Navigate to the iCloud backup settings area as before: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage

2. Tap on the device whose backup you want to reduce. Usually, you would want to trim down the device taking up the most space.

3. Scroll down until you see the Backup Options section. It contains all the items and app backed up for the device.

4. Tap on the switch next to the app you want to remove to turn it off. Turning off Camera Roll is a good choice.

5. Click the Turn Off & Delete button.

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