How To Get Free Throws On NBA Live Mobile

​Yes, there are free throws on NBA Live Mobile Game and I have made a video showing the free throw gameplay.

Free throws are rarely seen on NBA live mobile, solely because the foul move which triggers it rarely happens.

The foul move is called “Defensive”, and this has to happen twice for the fouled team to get free throws. And I also think it has to happen in the opponent’s half of the court.

I personally have never been awarded free throws on NBA Live Mobile because CPU doesn’t commit fouls often, but I have constantly witnessed free throws against my team like the one in the video I am going to show you.

The “Defensive” foul is that foul where two players from your team corners an opponent and swipes the ball away from his hands. If that happens the first time, the fouled team gets to throw from the side. But on the second occurrence, they get two free throws which carry one point each. Whether the player scores or not depends on the player’s ability, but nonetheless, free throws will be sunk 80% of the time.

The gameplay is super realistic. The shooter can be seen jamming knuckles with a team mate after he sinks the first ball.

Have you ever gotten free throws on NBA Live Mobile?

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