How To Sync Blackberry To Outlook and Transfer Contacts

Synchronize Your Blackberry Smartphone With Outlook and Move Contacts

If you do not want to use Blackberry Protect to backup your contacts for whatever reason, or if you only want to move your contacts from your blackberry smartphone to another device, you can setup your blackberry to sync with outlook to backup contacts, notes, calender events, reminders e.t.c and it doesn’t matter whether you use a bold, curve, torch, q10 or z10, as long as it’s a blackberry, this guide is for you.

1. First you will need the Blackberry Desktop Manager for your computer and a USB cable for your blackberry device. This guide was written using Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.6 as reference.
2. Launch the Blackberry Desktop Manager, then connect your blackberry device to your PC using the USB cable. If you haven’t already configured anything to sync in the past, you would be greeted with “No applications configured for synchronization”. Click OK.
3. Select Synchronize, which would take you to the Synchronization page with two menu options on the left column: Synchronize and Configuration. Click on Configuration, which would expand to reveal two sub menu items: Synchronization and Add-Ins. Choose Synchronization to open the Synchronization configuration page. Click on the Synchronization button on the right hand side.
4. Now’s the time to select items you would like to sync with your PC, you can choose one or all of Contacts/Address book, Calendar, Memo pad and Tasks.
5. The next step is to select the desktop application you would like to sync with. Available desktop apps will be shown on-screen. You can choose from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address book, ASCII Importer, and even Yahoo. When you have selected, click Next.
6. Next is the Synchronization options where you can choose your synchronisation method. One way sync from device will copy contacts from your blackberry device to Outlook. One way sync from Outlook will copy contacts from Outlook to your blackberry smartphone, while the Two way sync will merge data from both locations. If you’re using a one way sync, you can also choose to “Replace all data in the target location” (If you have updated some data in the source location). Click Next.
7. Choose a profile, hit Next, then Finish. If it takes you to the main page, click OK. You will then be asked to “Confirm Address Book Edits”. This is simply an overview of the changes you are about to make to your Outlook address book and/or on your Blackberry device. You will have to click Accept to proceed, if you choose Reject or Cancel, the synchronization process will be terminated.
8. After choosing Accept, wait for the sync process to finish. When it does, you may check your Outlook contacts to confirm that your address book has been successfully copied.

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