How To Install IPA Files on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Install ipa files without jailbreak on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using only a computer and your iOS device. This guide will more or less explain how to install cracked apps without jailbreak on iPhone and iPad.

If you have downloaded an IPA file to your computer, you can install it to your iPhone or iPad with the help of a third party service without jailbreaking the device at all.

IPA means “iOS App Store Package” according to Apple, or iOS Package for short; it is the extension to which iOS apps are attributed. Perhaps you might only be interested in this information if you have a jailbroken device or if you intend to use this guide to install cracked apps on your iphone without jailbreaking, because alas, normal non-jailbroken iPhones can only install from the App Store (traditionally). You can download iOS apps (which are in IPA format) from external sources, unless you have a jailbroken device you will not be able to install them, but this guide will show you how to do just that.

What You Will Need

1. A computer running either Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
2. Your iOS device (iPhone or iPad or iPod, whichever one you are trying to install apps on).
3. USB cable
4. The latest iTunes version.
5. The Kuaiyong PC software / The 25PP PC software / The iTools PC software. Having one of them is fine, but you may want to get at least two of them in case the other one doesn’t do what you want or the chinese starts doing your head in. You’ll find Kuaiyong and iTools in our app index.

Install IPA Files Without Jailbreak Using Kuaiyong

Step 1: First, you need to download and install Kuaiyong software on your computer if you haven’t already. Visit to download it. If the website doesn’t work, download from our app index linked above.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step 3: Launch iTunes, then click on your device button at the top right corner of the iTunes window just under the search box to visit your device management section.

Step 4: Select the Apps tab, then uncheck the check box for ‘Automatically synchronize new apps installed’. Confirm the new setting by clicking the Sync button.

Step 5: Launch the Kuaiyong software you just downloaded. The software is not installed yet, to install it click on the next to last button from the bottom right of the screen. After installation, launch the software then do a search for the iPhone app you are trying to install to see if it is already on Kuaiyong.

Step 5: If you find the app on Kuaiyong, click on it to go to its details page, then click on the red button to download and install it on your iPhone / iPad.
If you do not find the app on Kuaiyong and would like to install manually from an IPA file you downloaded, go to the IPA file then right click on it. Select “iPhone Transfer”, then select the second option shown in the dialogue.

How To Install Cracked Apps Without Jailbreak Using iTools

iTools is another alternative to Kuaiyong. Its primary function is that of a file manager and it is considered the second best alternative to iTunes after SynciOS.

To install IPA / cracked apps on iPhone using iTools, follow the simple procedure below:

1. Get the iTools software from our app index (

2. Plug your iPhone to your computer using a cable.

3. Launch iTunes, click on your device under the search box, then choose the Apps tab. Uncheck Auto Syncronize new apps.

4. Extract the iTools zip file and run the software.

5. Navigate to the location where you saved the IPA file you wish to install. Right click on the file, then choose “Install with iTools”. The app should install into your iPhone afterwards.

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