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On Friday, news had been pouring in regarding the possible date for iOS 7 Beta 6 with most people not expecting it before the coming week but Apple has done it again, and we have an earlier than expected iOS 7 Beta 6 being available for developers. The support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is included. P.S: Rumour has it that iOS 7 beta 7, the final beta release for the iOS 7 will be released later today.

Previous Betas releases did not please many Apple users since they were primarily released while still undergoing a number of developmental changes. I guess that is why thay are called betas. And indeed, the later releases confirmed a number of issues being resolved ensuring a smooth functioning of the Beta versions. Apple has been issuing one after another version to make sure the final release is as close to perfection as a company can manage.

With iOS 7 Beta 6, the latest Beta, no major alterations have been reported yet but some small ones to the interface are there. Following the announcement of iOS 7 at WWDC, a lot of users were critical of the polarizing design strategy of the interface that remained in talks for quite a while until further beta releases rightfully diverted the attention towards main features this Operating System promises.

It is undeniable that changes to the UI have been the most dramatic in iOS 7 but there are also a number of improved features along with newly added options that require to be noticed. Apart from general improvements to Safari and Maps services, Cupertino has finally integrated a few relaxed folder options that jailbreakers had been pointing out since iOS 4. Also, Control Center is another feature that has brought forward a set of toggles lack of which was the primary reason for a lot of users to turn to Jailbreak.

For now, iOS 7 Beta 6 is ready for download so you can go ahead and get it from the site if you are already registered as a developer with Apple. But techmell is going to provide direct download links for iOS 7 beta 6, as it always do.

Download iOS 7 Beta 6 without Developer Account [Free Direct Links]

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