iPhone 5C Preorders to begin on Friday, September 13, 12:00AM PT

Apple has announced that it (as well as other iPhone carriers) will start accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5C this Friday, the 13th of September.

Sprint, a mobile carrier announced a few hours ago that orders for the iPhone 5C will start on Friday at exactly 12:00 AM in Pacific Time.

Verizon, also a mobile carrier also announced on their website that pre-orders would begin at exactly 3:01 am EST on Friday, which is approximately 12:01 am PT (for accuracy).

Although other carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T have not announced, we expect that they would start taking orders at that same time as well.

We also expect that pre-orders for the iPhone 5C will also go live globally. This means that other carrier networks in other countries selling the iPhone would also start taking orders. So, to know the exact time it will go live in your local time, convert 12:00 am PT according to your time zone.

Although iPhone 5C will be available for pre-order on Friday, the iPhone 5S will not. It will only be available for pre-order online on September 20.

How Much Will The iPhone 5C Cost?

The price of the 16GB iPhone 5C will be $99 for a two year contract, and $549 without a contract.
The price of the 32GB iphone 5Cwill be $199 for a two year contract, and $649 without a contract.

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