Review – Scam Network or Genuine RPM Program?

This is a thorough and detailed review on the ad network. Is a scam network or are they as genuine and trustworthy as Google adsense? Would you be wasting your precious time and resources as a publisher on or are they worth the effort? A lot of questions will be answered in this article. is an advertising network or program very much like the Google Adsense network we all know about. is owned by Yahoo and Bing and has been said to be a big rival to Adsense considering that they are as generous to publishers as Google, if you know what I am talking about. If you do not know what I am talking about, I am referring to earnings for publishers. Yes. Many people stick to Adsense because of how poorly other ad networks pay their publishers. So let’s take a look at a scenerio where more publishers leave an ad program because of poor revenue, the company loses more advertisers (because of poor impressions), which in turn will make the company lose more money and ads, and having very few ads will drive even more publishers away.. So you see, it’s all some mutual benefit cycle ish, and has been doing very well in respect to that.

Okay, enough of the analysis, let us go into the main review.

Is a Scam?

Okay I am going to answer this question with two simple facts, or observations if I may.

1. is jointly owned by Yahoo and Bing, two of the three biggest search engine companies in the world.

2. A close friend of mine recently received direct bank payment from

Requirements For Publishers

Unlike some other ad networks, not just anybody can get into They can be very strict with their rules and requirements.

To get into, a publisher will be required to fill out a form and then wait for a few days while they analyze the publisher’s website. If the website does not comply with the terms of service or meet the required requirements, then his/her application would not be accepted. (By the way, is “required requirements” correct grammar? oh well).

Here are some of their requirements:

1. A lot of traffic: *sigh*. This one is like a heavy punch in the face to many publishers. requires that to get into their program, your website has to be getting a lot of pageview love from people.

2. A huge percentage of your visitors must be from the US, UK, Canada or Australia: I think the translation of this one is that “This ad network is best suited for publishers resident in those areas”.

How To Avoid Suspension From

These guys mean serious business when they say they want high quality traffic. It is not advisable to place ads on pages with traffic from Africa or Middle East as your account might get suspended a few days before you get paid.

Google Adsense Vs

Hmm. This is a tough one. Both ad networks are very similar, but one thing I can say is that if you get a lot of pageviews, then may be the program for you. Although I have not experimented on this but Adsense would get my vote anyday. The fact that would take down your account because of “low quality traffic” is not acceptable. Apparently, they would send an email stating that you have a 3 day period of grace to “fix your traffic” before your account is eventually closed.

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