How To Root The HTC Aria Android Phone on Windows, Mac and Linux

Rooting the HTC Aria Android phone is easy and does not require much hassle. All you need is a few drivers and an app and you’re good to go.

Things You’ll Need

  • Unrevoked 3.32 software
  • HTC Boot drivers
  • Android debug bridge drivers

Procedure To Root Your HTC Aria Device

1. Download Unrevoked software from the links below. If the links dont work, visit

2. Extract the package into a folder you will remember, and name it appropriately.

3.  Download the Unrevoked modified USb driver, and then extract that too to somewhere you will recall.

4. Switch off your phone, then hold the power and volume down buttons to enter the HBOOT menu.

5. Now plug-in your HTC Aria phone into your Windows PC and wait for the screen to display HBOOT USB PLUG.

6. Launch Device Manager on your PC (click the Start button, then type device manager. OR click Start, right click Computer, choose Properties, then choose Device Manager).

7. Look for Other Devices in the Device Manager window, then expand it. It should contain a device called Android 1.0 , right click on the android 1.0 device then choose Update driver software. On the pop-up dialogue window, choose Browse my computer for driver software (locate and install driver software manually), then choose Browse and select the Android USB Driver folder on on your computer. Wnen you are provided with the browse menu which requires you to enter the location of the software, make sure the path in the field corresponds to the folder where you extracted the Unrevoked modified USB driver. Then click next.

8. Installation should begin right away. If you get any pop-up warnings, click ok to continue. After installation has completed, you should get the “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” screen. Click the close button, then notice that the new driver is now displayed under Android phone in the Device Manager window.

9. Now you can unplug your phone and put it back on.

10. Next, you need to download and install HTC Sync. If that link doesn’t work, try this -> Download HTC Sync for all Android phones. After installing the software, uninstall it back. You see, you do not actually need HTC Sync but the Android Debug Bridge drivers it comes with, which are left behind after the software has been uninstalled.

11. Now make sure your phone is in charge only mode. Activate USB Debugging mode by navigating to Settings > Applications > Development and then check USB debugging.

12. Go to the folder where you extracted the first Unrevoked software, then launch the executable file (reflash.exe). It would dispay a “Waiting for device” message, this is where you plug in your HTC Aria phone  to the PC. Wait for about 5 minutes and your Android device would be rooted automatically. To check that your device is actually rooted, you should see Superuser in your app drawer.

Need To Get Into Recovery Mode?

Turn off your HTC Aria phone, enter the HBOOT menu by holding Power and Volume down buttons, then choose Recovery from the menu.

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