How To Unlock BlackBerry For Free

Unlock BlackBerry phones free of charge by reading this article carefully.
In your quest for BlackBerry unlock codes and techniques, you must have come across individuals and or websites claiming to have the wisdom, trickery and technical know how to unlock your BlackBerry phone for a fee. Roughly 80% of these individuals and websites can be best described with the word “scam”. They are people whose only reason for existence in this world is to steal your money and get away with it. “If you don’t know now you know” – B.I.G
Well then, how do you know the genuine websites? They should have a reviews page where customers post testimonies and complaints, but of course scam websites write their own reviews themselves so you have to double read the reviews to be sure they were posted by other normal people. If you spot a few bad reviews that you are comfortable with and consider infinitesimal or unimportant, then go ahead, but if every single review is a positive one that sounds too ‘praisy’ in a weird way, Run.
Aside that, you can unlock your BlackBerry for free with the help of your carrier.

1. The first thing to do is to get your IMEI number. You can get that by dialing *#06#, or if you just like to click around for no reason navigate to Options > Device > Device and Status Information on BlackBerry OS 7. If you are on BlackBerry OS 10, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Hardware. For BlackBerry OS 6 and below, navigate to Options > Status. You will find your IMEI number there, copy it down somewhere.

2. Call your ISP or carrier and ask for your MEP code. This is the code you will need to unlock your BlackBerry phone. In order to generate your MEP code, your ISP will need your IMEI number, so it would be wise to give it to them when they ask.

3. Unlock procedure is different and depends on your OS.
Unlock BlackBerry Z10 , Q10 and other OS 10 Phones:
– Navigate to Settings > Security and Privacy > SIM Card > Unlock Phone.
– Now type in the MEP code your ISP blessed you with and then click OK, your phone should be unlocked thereafter. You have only 10 attempts to enter the MEP (unlock) code correctly, if you do not get it right after 10 trials, your phone will be disabled!

Unlock BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Other OS 7 Devices:
– Turn off all connections on your phone. Turn off WiFi, network connections, hotspot, turn off everything except the phone itself.
– Then navigate to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > SIM Card.
– While on that page, type out MEPD with your keypad, the characters wont be visible while you type, but after you type the code, the page expands to reveal a lot more entries. (If you use a 71xx 81xx or 91xx series BlackBerry phone, you would need to type MEPPD instead). The Network field should show “Active”.
– Now type out MEP2 (of course you have to press ALT before you press the ‘2’ key), if that doesn’t work try MEP4. (71xx, 81xx and 91xx series users would use either MEPP2 or MEPP4).
– Enter your MEP code in the space provided. You have 255 attempts to get it right. Once your phone is unlocked, you can go ahead to insert a different SIM card and turn your network connections back on.

Unlock BlackBerry OS 6 Devices:
– Remove your SIM card from the phone, then insert the new SIM of the different network you intend to use.
– When you turn on the phone, you would be asked to enter the unlock code. That’s all.

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