Vodacom Launches G-connect WiFi Bundles in South Africa

Good news for Wi-Fi lovers. Vodacom has opened up several WiFi hotspots across the country for public use. These hotspots are located in various public locations like pubs, restaurants, parks and cafes.

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Hold on, access to the hotspots is not free though.


Yeah, you will only be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspots when you subscribe to a Vodacom G-connect WiFi bundle. If you only get the hotspot networks in your workplace or at home, you are still qualified to use the bundle though as it switches to mobile network when not in Wi-Fi coverage area.

To access the G-connect hotspots, subscribers would need their Vodacom username and password. The G-connect bundles each have different data caps and prices. They are:

Wi-Fi Bundle Limit Price Expiry
100MB R19 30 days
250MB R29 30 days
500MB R39 30 days
2048MB (2GB) R99 30 days

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