Fix Netflix Error 10015 – Title Can No Longer Be Watched Offline 30103

People who download movies on Netflix for offline use sometimes encounter the Netflix error 10015 or error 30103 on some downloaded movies that says:

Title can no longer be watched offline.

This error message can be frustrating especially when you are getting on an international flight or moving to an area with no cell coverage.

So how do you fix it?

Your Download May Have Expired

Yes. Netflix has an expiry date for each movie or series episode you download for offline use. After this date, you will get the Title can no longer be watched offline 10015 error message. The error code is usually either 10015 or 30103.

So how long is the watchable time for downloaded movies? Well it’s different for each movie depending on their individual licences. For some titles, instead of specific expiry dates, they are set to expire 48 hours after you start watching it. I have described the renewal process for android, iPhone and Windows in the How to Renew Expired Downloads post. I will also be publishing another post where I would demystify the entire offline downloads feature on Netflix. This would most likely be titled Netflix Offline Downloads & Expiry Dates Explained (coming soon).

Check Your Date and Time Settings

An incorrect date and / or time may prevent your downloaded movie from playing. This is in connection with Netflix having expiry dates for downloaded titles. Netflix may incorrectly calculate your video’s expiry date or won’t let you play it at all if your date / time is off by a significant amount of time.

The Movie May Have Been Removed From Netflix

If a title is removed or discontinued from Netflix, your downloads for that title will automatically expire regardless of when you downloaded them. You might want to check that the movie in question hasn’t been pulled from Netflix.


Netflix has said that the error 10015 and 30103 usually means there’s been a problem with the download itself. So, if you are currently in a no network coverage area, you would have to wait until you get cell coverage to re-download movie or episode.

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